Exquisite corpse; The Art Version

Fooky's site is going gangbusters, everyone seems to enjoy working with Fooky or contributing to the site; we're 2 months ahead of schedule and  we got over 2 dozen pro artists who either contributed work or have given permission to use their work (with full credit of course).    In fact, we are still getting notes from […]

Captcha Royale

Ideally, Fooky's new site (fookleyur.com) would have games and animated shorts.  There are dozens of contributing artists and we're even starting to hear from writers… all pro's!  But so far we don't have any animators. I won't have the time or the equipment to do animation until next year.  There's something addictive about working on the […]


Sorry, still a few bugs!!! It's my fault–I still have pages that need to be designed, or redesigned. I'm never happy when it comes to the design for my own sites. The blog is usable, just not complete… so I guess I should start using it.

About Fooky Pt1

I’ve fallen in love with the work of many of the artists who have contributed to the Fookleyur project. When the site goes live you’ll understand how difficult it would be to pick a favorite or even a top ten list. That said, I didn’t plan on replacing Fooky’s caricature but then I saw “logicly me” by Yell Saccani www.yellsaccani.com. I don’t normally brag about web sites, but Fooky’s new site has got to be one of best collections of artists on web; the contributing artists have my unending gratitude and appreciation–I’m sure the first 10 pages of Fooky’s blog will express the same sentiment.

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