Damn it all to hell

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Project Description:

Damnitalltohell is a *non-commercial, social polling site.  That means, it will allow people to vote on who or what they want to damn using twitter and other social systems.  The site is not meant to promote or defame religion–it is supposed to be humorous and entertaining.

The interface will vary based on who, or what is being “damned.”   I’m also hoping that the owner will agree to have a “featured” artist or political cartoonist. I don’t like the whole unsung-hero-artist thing, so I try to “rotate art” and promote as many artists as possible.

*They hope to get sponsors or advertisers to help offset the cost of the site.  So far most of the work has been volunteer work (including myself).  I’ve been using stock art to maximize the time I have (I normally don’t use stock art).

Promotions: There are no promotions at this time.

Contact:  The best way get project info is by twitter or RSS to this blog.  You can contact me using the comments section on this page (I will filter any comments that shouldn’t be made public). 

If you need your comment to be private, you can send me a private note on DA, Flickr, Twitter (we have to follow each other first), or indicate in your comments (below) that it is private.

Sorry, comments box needs to be fixed!   However my ratings system is awesome, they did a great job!


Update: Oct 31, 2009 

Created temporary art for a main landing page and RSS sign up page. This will not be the final motif.

We have enough volunteer artists to change the interface (like Google changes it’s logo) from time to time. 

If you have “hell” related art or ideas you would like to donate, please contact me (use the comments form below).

Donating/volunteer artists will receive credit and link-backs only! 

Promotions: There are no promotions at this time.

We are still accepting art!


Update: September 3, 2010

If you haven’t been contacted by now, it doesn’t mean your work has been rejected

Since the project started, 2 of our “potential” sponsors went out of business.  “Sponsors” as in people willing to donate money, not advertisers.  There are no advertisers either. 

So, the programmer for this project was pulled, and the project is being postponed, but not canceled.

Promotions: Please follow and re-tweet @damnitalltohell.  Sign up for RSS  (we need to test it and it’s a good way to stay informed).

We are still accepting art!


Update:  June 02, 2011 

The project will open up again in August.

For the volunteers, we are looking for character stereotypes, such as:

  • Generic TV Exec’s that canceled your favorite show
  • Office worker that threw your rebate form in the trash
  • Jerk who cut you off in traffic
  • Other (we want your feedback)

The owner has agreed to a free, hell art section.  Submissions should be of the highest quality, and the artists must have a good bio, and publicity photo.   A typical kind of “artist of the week” (or month) kind of thing:  your version of hell, your biggest pet peeve etc.   Keep in mind that it’s not the main focus of the site, and if they run into bandwidth problems, it will be moved or cut from the project.  Also, it will be a manual process with me approving the art and updating the page.  So… don’t get too excited.  


Update:  June 07, 2011

Because there has been no volunteer animators, the owner of the site has asked me to hire an animator. The purpose of the animation is  to animate the “status” of those poor souls who are in the top 100 of the damned.

There is no storyboard or concrete concept for the animation meaning the artist (you) is free to use their imagination or to re-use old work. However, I have provided some example concepts below.

The budget is small (or very small depending on what you’re used to). 

The animation will be approximately a quarter page in size or smaller.   If you don’t know anything about Dante’s 9 circles of hell, you might find it helpful to research it.

The purpose of the animation is to show how close someone is to being damned to hell.  Using twitter, people on the internet can vote to damn anyone they like.  If there are enough votes, the person will be damned to hell.

Examples of the concept:

  • A twitter bird pecks the damned pushing him closer to the edge of a cliff.  Below the cliff is a raging hell. 
    The number of pecks is determined by the number of votes to damn that person. 
    The number of votes would be displayed above the twitter bird in a Sims’ style or other game style.
  • The damned is on a platform that has a weight on each side.  The votes cause the platform to tilt towards hell.
  • A pinball game.  The pinball plunger powered by the number of votes, will propel the damned into hell where they bounce into one of the “circles of hell”.


  • Comical violence only.  No blood, no beheadings.  On fire and flailing is ok.
  • *No minors! 
  • *No holy books!

* if a child or holy book is voted on, we envision a giant hand to come down out of the clouds (Monty Python style) and pluck the child/book into heaven. Then, the hand reappears and gives the viewer the finger!


  • We are considering whether or not to add absolve / redemption voting.
  • There needs to be different animations depending on whether it’s a corporation, person, or thing being damned.
  • Variants in style.  I would love to rotate (change) the style from week to week or month to month. The budget is not big enough for more than 1 animation.  However, if we get trade outs, I could design the pages based on the entity being damned as well as the art style.  A motif of the damned so to speak.

This is a paid assignment (payment will be made by JHLMC, the project consultant).  However, if more than one artist wants to “trade out” I will still pay at least one artist based on the remaining budget.  In other words, I will try to make as much work for you as I can, however animations are problematic when it comes to site design.  The owner has agreed to at least 1 animation, and promised to keep an open mind with regard to having more.

 Promotions: Please follow and re-tweet @damnitalltohell.  Sign up for RSS  (we need to test it and it’s a good way to stay informed).

We are still accepting art!


Update:  July 15, 2011

—> I have added a storyboard of sorts on my DA scraps page.  <—

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