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Fooklyeur is a writer, an absurdist: he’s like a Dr Seuss for adults.  His work is risqué and often humorous.  Over 2 dozen pro artists have contributed work or time to rebuild his site.    Fooky’s site didn’t start out as a special project.  He’s a friend, not a client.  There’s a small group of us who know each other way back from the Oddhobby days.

For a while, Fookleyur had fallen off the face of the earth.  It was right about the time Usenet died (for the 3rd time).


Design For the main page of the new Fookleyur Site  

I’ve fallen in love with the work of many of the artists who have contributed to the Fookleyur project.   When the site goes live you’ll understand how difficult it would be to pick a favorite or even a top ten list.  That said, I didn’t plan on replacing Fooky’s caricature but then I saw “logicly me” by Yell Saccani www.yellsaccani.com  I don’t normally brag about web sites, but Fooky’s new site has got to be one of best collections of artists on web; the contributing artists have my unending gratitude and appreciation–I’m sure the first 10 pages of Fooky’s blog will express the same sentiment.  We’re also both grateful to John Lee and CIL.  CIL did a fantastic job programming the site (including The Captcha Royale) and he customized this blog (check out the rating system).  John Lee donates, teaches and motivates and is a very good friend as well as a client.




We’ve always known that Fookleyur’s work was cutting edge and ahead of its time; so we vowed that if we ever found him we would talk him into creating new content for his site.  There were several reasons he didn’t want to do it (I won’t go into them), but we were able to talk him into it!

I thought it would just be the 3 of us.  We just wanted to move his site from Bravenet to one of our preferred hosts.   I found some of the old artwork (I did most of the original artwork for Fookleyur.com) but then I also found some of his old unpublished work–it was a thrill finding a “lost work”.  I did a short and very rough animation (John’s son is a Flash developer) and John did a voice over (I didn’t even know he could do voices–he’s really good at it).   We had so much fun we decided to unofficially commit to a new site–a no pressure thing; we’d work on it only when time permitted.  We noticed that even after sitting fallow for years, the site had a disparate little group of followers overseas.   So it was nice to know that others would enjoy the site too.

The economy tanked, and suddenly I had a lot of free time (although I’m back to work now–nothing big, just keeping the bills paid).    I’m not an egomaniac so I quickly realized that Fooky’s work would benefit from different styles with different moods.  So I reached out to artists whose work is profound or poetic or ok… just plain weird.  The response I got was overwhelming; not just artists, not just professional artists but the “best of the best” in my opinion.

At this point, we all looked at what we had going and decided, “this is a thing now”,  “We’re going to have to put some effort into this, this is a special project”.  I know what you’re thinking: “does that mean the site will make money?”   The answer is, no; but we’re hoping the site will at least be  enough of a ‘reference’  in their portfolios that all the contributors can use it to their benefit.

For now I’m going to skip the history of Fookleyur.com, and Fooky’s UseNet days.  I’ve got 2 interviews I’ll publish later.  For now, I’ll focus on the site design.

Popular Alien Excretions  Landing Page Back when the web first started it was important to maintain continuity by designing a common “look and feel” for the site.  Most web surfers back then could be easily confused if the style of one page was substantially different from another.   That, combined with the relatively slow bandwidth speeds and low resolution made magazine style articles hard to do.  While I do adhere to most of the constrictions of proper web page design, I refuse to design cookie cutter pages.   This is the landing page for one of the “clumps” on the site called Popular Alien Excretions.   A “clump” is what Fooky calls a chapter or section. 


Gotta run!  Stay tuned!  Part 2, the contributing artists…  Part 3 more ways to participate…


Please Click and View Larger Image For “non-clump” work, I’ve designed a few content pages using colored panels that complement the guest artist’s work. This is the closest I come to cookie cutter design work.

This shows Peewee Gonzoid’s “Brullen “

… Fooky’s article, poem etc will be placed in the pane on the left and credits and links for the artist are placed below.

Notice that the main page is very light (white in fact) and this content page is has a completely different mood.



It is Sunday,  26 September 2010 and Fooky’s site is 90% done!  Soon we’ll do the beta test.

It’s Tuesday, 9 November 2010 and the tests are going well, but we lost a programmer.

It’s Friday, 11 July 2014 and we lost all our IT people two years ago and our new volunteers decided to redo Fooky’s site using newer technologies.  I also noticed that someone removed Fookleyur.com from Wikipedia’s list of absurdists and absurdist fiction. :(

These things happen.  Everyone has a day job and we gotta pay the bills. But we all still want to see a new site for Fook!

The good news is we talked Fooky into starting up another Facebook account.


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