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Exquisite corpse; The Art Version

Fooky's site is going gangbusters, everyone seems to enjoy working with Fooky or contributing to the site; we're 2 months ahead of schedule and  we got over 2 dozen pro artists who either contributed work or have given permission to use their work (with full credit of course).    In fact, we are still getting notes from artists who want to participate*.  So, I decided to "green light" some of the features that we didn't think we had time to finish–Fooky will provide the structure, and any illustrator who wants to "own a segment" will be able to fill in the gaps. 

For example, if Fooky writes about a character that fits your style, you can illustrate that part of the story.  When writers do this kind of thing they call it "The Exquisite Corpse".   So what shall we call our thing?  Vote!  Or leave your suggestion!


What do we call our art based Exquisite Corpse?

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* Yes, of course you can still contact me directly if you see something you want to illustrate exclusively.

Posted 7 years, 11 months ago.

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About Fooky Pt1

Fooklyeur is a writer, an absurdist: he’s like a Dr Seuss for adults.  His work is risqué and often humorous.  Over 2 dozen pro artists have contributed work or time to rebuild his site.    Fooky’s site didn’t start out as a special project.  He’s a friend, not a client.  There’s a small group of us who know each other way back from the Oddhobby days.

For a while, Fookleyur had fallen off the face of the earth.  It was right about the time Usenet died (for the 3rd time).

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Posted 8 years, 4 months ago.

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